Since 1994, YUHKEE company have the outstanding manufacturing team and a strong R & D strength, till now, has accumulated experience of many years in the manufacture of precision collet chucks, and it is conspicuous on design technology of the development, the factory have fully automation equipment and machinery, products are measured by accurate testing equipment, we can provide to you highest quality collet - precision, accuracy, stable, we will improve productivity in the precision industry sector with a humble service attitude for customers to provide technical solutions, and try to decrease our defective rate, strengthen the competitiveness for make a win-win with customers.
YUHKEE Collet Chuck — Precision, Accuracy, Stable
Ability of Grasp — Powerful
Mass production, Customization — Can Correspond



At YUHKEE, we take pride in our extensive range of precision collet chucks, designed to meet diverse industrial needs. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is evident in every product we offer.

The company mainly produces is ER collet, SK high-speed collet, DC Slim Collets, PCB high-speed Drill collet, pneumatic tool collet, electric tool collet etc.

Our commitment goes beyond product variety. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions that cater to both mass production and customization to meet specialized collet requirements. Our long-term vision centers around maintaining excellent quality while meeting the unique needs of every customer.

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